The digital turnaround does not stop at the art world. The NFT market not only offers lucrative income opportunities for artists.

Investors can also expect dream returns

100,000 percent profit in just three days. This is the balance sheet of a trader who bought an NFT artwork for the equivalent of $ 130 in Ethereum last Thursday and sold it again for $ 130,000 on Sunday.

The buyer previously purchased the NFT from Hashmasks . The Hashmasks collection brings together over 16,000 works of art by around 70 artists worldwide. Buyers receive NCT tokens daily for the purchase. The prices of the works of art are broken down into several phases. The artwork went under the hammer for 0.1 ether, the equivalent of 130 US dollars, during the first section. For the remaining NFTs, however, investors have to dig deeper into the wallet. The still available NFT works of art cost between 1.7 and 100 ethers.

NFT contingent

On Sunday the NFT work of art was finally sold on to “Westcoastbill” for a total of 97 ETH and thus for around 130,000 US dollars. It is not known who is behind “Westcoastbill”. With 30 Hashmasks works of art in his portfolio, he is currently hiring out as a patron in the NFT market.

Even if the return on the first NFT work of art in the Hashmask series is unlikely to find imitators anytime soon, the immense increase in value shows what opportunities the market offers for investors and artists alike. With the explosive increase of 100,000 percent in just three days, media attention and investor demand for alternative investment classes should also increase. This may also have been the impetus for trading.

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