• Avorak has created a revenue sharing system with AVRK holders able to gain passive income from the AI techs.
• Avorak is launching on Binance Smart Chain due to its active addresses, relationship to Binance Exchange, and low fees.
• Integrating cross-chain solutions for Ethereum users allows access to a larger capital pool which can boost AVRK token value.

Avorak AI Explores Cross-Chain Integration on Ethereum Network

Avorak has been making waves in the industry with its innovative Revenue Share system which gives AVRK holders the ability to earn passive income from the revenue generated by AI technologies.

Avorak on BNB Smart Chain

The team at Avorak have decided that their best bet is launching on BNB Smart Chain due to its impressive active address count, close relationship with Binance Exchange as one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, relatively low fees compared to Ethereum, and Top 5 Total Value Locked (TVL) figure.

Integration on Ethereum?

Although launching on BNB Smart Chain offers access for users of all wealth levels without having to pay high gas fees or move through multiple exchanges, it does exclude crypto capital that is stored on Ethereum without requiring bridging or routing. To open up this vast capital pool and increase AVRK token value threefold, cross-chain integration of those funds stored on Ethereum is necessary.

Avorak ICO

The ICO has been doing well so far with multiple phases selling out quickly. The current phase will soon be closing and investors are scrambling to get their hands on last available tokens at $0.235 with an additional bonus when talking directly to the team.

By exploring cross-chain integration solutions for users stored on Ethereum networks, Avorak looks set to open up a huge global market of crypto wealth that can help increase overall revenue for their products and allow more people access into their ecosystem.

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