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Action Plan

The Action Plan, published in August 2007, is structured around the 6 main themes of the SRA within each of which there are a series of recommendations. The Action Plan represents the actions needed to deliver the two main objectives of the SRA. Firstly to deliver new and improved tools for the control of major diseases and secondly to deliver the recommendations in the SRA which in turn will facilitate and accelerate the development and delivery of new tools.

Although there are six themes in the SRA, the Action Plan recognises that the first priority is to identify and prioritise diseases of importance. The second stage is to assess the gaps in the knowledge and understanding of these diseases to identify where research needs to be targeted. With the implementation of the recommendations from these two themes it will be possible to select priority diseases and identify the research needed to fill the gaps in knowledge. Once the diseases are successfully prioritised the actions necessary to develop and deliver new tools for control will be identified and implemented.

The Action Plan identifies the deliverables and the necessary tasks, and establishes a degree of priority as well as possible sources of funding for each recommendation from the SRA. With regard to overall financing, the ETPGAH has an important role to play to facilitate funding from a range of sources. The output from the ETPGAH should act as a template on which funding agencies may decide their priorities for research.


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  • Agenda of the 26th Executive Board meeting

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